Welcome to the Political Sh*t Show

Surely I’m not the only one freaked out about this upcoming presidential campaign. I’ll be honest and say for the first time ever, I’m having serious reservations about casting a vote at all. Normally I would do my due diligence and pick the candidate whose ideas appeal closest to things I would like to see happen in my country, but this election has turned into one big shit show.


Trump is maintaining a consistent lead in the republican race which makes me wonder if we all have become so fed-up with bad politicians that we’re accepting Donald Trump in desparation to have something different? Trump has been applauded for saying the thoughts on people’s mines, which is kind of twisted in a way because Trump has insulted several people since he announced running for president. On top of that Sarah Palin is his leading endorser, and I’m not going to be rude and call her an imbacile, however she’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Which really makes me question if we’re absolutely sure we want Donald Trump making the decisions for our homeland?

Then we have the leader of the Democratic side, Mrs. Hilary Clinton who has been spending most of her time on the defense about her husband’s baggage and these six-figure speaking fees. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but it was my understanding that the country is approximately a trillion dollars in debt. However, if that’s the price we’re paying people to shoot bull on a microphone, then dammit I got something to say too.

I’m not sure if politicians understand the magnitude of frustrations we have with their constant lies and broken promises. We deal with politics enough in our day to day lives at work, church, etc. The crazy thing is we’re not expecting someone to come into office and save the world like Bruce Willis. Hell, a lot of us just want a president without a personal agenda, some common sense, morals, standards, heightened financial awareness.

Personally, I would love to see things like sex offenders getting just as much prison time as a murderer. Let’s not wait until one person has 7 to 12 DUIs before we decide they need to be locked up. How about offering single parents with food assistance, contingent upon them working and maintaining employment for 6mos. or greater. A decent price on a pound of ground beef and lower food taxes in general. I mean seriously, why is milk so damn high, the cows aren’t at risk of being extinct so what the hell? Lastly, my biggest beef of them all is, before we go running to save the rest of the world of their problems, can we take care of home first? There’s no way the people in Flint should be living in third-world conditions because we can’t pitch in to help them keep their water clean. We know better so let’s do better.

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