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We’re all still buzzing from Rihanna’s recent cosmetic movement with her Fenty Beauty collection, and now she has announced the release of her ‘Galaxy Holiday Collection’. This girl is trying to get all the money, but we’re here for it. The collection consists of 14 different shades, a makeup brush, liquid eyeliner, lipsticks and glosses. The Galaxy Collection will release October 13th, and with all of the great reviews given from woman of all different shades, you’d be crazy to not at least take a peek-a-boo right here.

Minnesota Lynx, Maya Moore two-shoe Jordan collection releases this week, September 30th. The collection consists of the Air Jordan 10 Retro GG “Maya Moore” and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High GG “Maya Moore”. Both pair in fuchsia, white, and gray colorway, with her initials MM imprinted. We can expect the Jordan 10s to retail for $140, and the Jordan 1s at $95. The shoes will retail at Jordan retailers, as well as Nike.com. There will also be an availability of extended girl sizes in stock.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High GG “Maya Moore”

Air Jordan 1 Retro High GG “Maya Moore”

Air Jordan 10 Retro GG “Maya Moore”

Air Jordan 10 Retro GG “Maya Moore”

Brothers from the same mother and founders of the Dsquared2 brand, Dean and Dan Caten have announced the exit of Gianfranco Maccarruone. Maccarrone was CEO of the label for two decades, so why did he leave? There’s been no mention as to why he left, if his leaving was voluntary or involuntarily, or his successor for that matter. Literally, we don’t know jack-shit, and that’s fine because the creative, fashionable twins will pick-up the pieces and keep things pushing. Yet, I swear I can still hear those rumor mills churning in the distance – wait for it.

The Aquazzura label is suing Ivanka Trump for infringement on the brand’s “Wild Thing” and “Forever Marilyn” foot collection. Aquazzura retail their collection for approximately $785, where Trump was retailing her collection for $65. A lot of us have no qualms about buying the same thing for a lower price, but right is right and wrong is wrong. So shortly after the lawsuit was filed Trump removed her collection from the shelves. Recently, a trial date was set, and despite Trump’s attorney’s plea to remove her from having to be present in court because of her social status, the judge saw fit that she be in court in the event she must testify. This isn’t Trump’s first infringement rodeo, as she settled twice before, once with Mystique and with the Derek Lam label.

Amazon has found a home in New York. The mega e-tailer has signed a 15 year lease for the 360,000 square feet space located at Five Manhattan West. The building will provide jobs for those who are in the field of engineering, advertising, marketing, and product design. Amazon has also announced the opening of a hub in the Staten Island area, which is an even bigger plus. Amazon has been working very closely with the city of NYC which resulted in $20mil in tax breaks for them. They forecast providing 6,000 jobs by 2019. Expect the move and operations to fall into place for the Manhattan location in 2018.

Last week Nike introduced their newest product of innovation by way of the Flyleather Tennis Classic. The Flyleather itself, is an eco-friendly leather made from recycled leather fibers. It uses less water to produce, and has been proven to be five times as strong over other leading leather shoes by a respected certification firm. Flyleather is part of the Nike’s goal to reach $50 billion in sales by 2020. I’m no dream killer, but I will say that the brand is going to have to really get aggressive these next three years. Moving forward, the Tennis Classic’s colorways range from limited to nil. More colorways require more advance develop of the Flyleather, and that’s going to take time. With that said, if you ever see a Flyleather shoe remember what you see is probably all you’re going to get. The kicks are affordable at $85 and available for purchase on Nike’s website.

Rapper Nas has collaborated with Timberland and Foot Locker to produce the ‘Legends Collection’. The four-boot release will be limited, with premiers debuting in monthly stages. Volume VII FlyRoam will launch first on September 30th, Volume VIII Premium Strap Boot will release in October, Volume IX Field Boot will follow in November, and the Volume X Premium will bring up the rear by debuting in December. All of the boots will sale exclusively at Foot Locker here. Timberland’s VP of global brand marketing, Jim Davey stated, “Nas perfectly captures the notion that success is born out of hard work and hustle — something that’s at the heart of every Timberland boot. We are thrilled to be a small part of his journey, and to recognize him for the legend he has become.” His sentiments coincide perfectly with their marketing campaign, which is in complete animation, narrated throughout by Nas himself. Check it out below…

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