One Nation Under God

blue_lives_matter_more_by_oddgarfield-d9e0ecbMultiple police brutality cases leading in death, police officers dying because of the poor choices made by their colleagues, all resulting in enough national tension to anchor the Knock Nevis three times with.

For decades the Gheto Boys told us that this world was a ghetto and just as true as shit stinks it’s been just that, but the lack of give-a-damn toward this particular matter is making some of us step a little lower from ghetto to just savage. It’s okay to be angry because you can calm down from that, but it’s not okay to murder innocent people because you’re angry, there’s no coming back from that. Hell I’m angry too, it’s infuriating that I have to educate my son on this foolishness, but can’t even give him a definite ‘to do’ to ensure he lives after encountering a police officer. Things are so tense that some of my white friends are scared to show their empathy because they’re not sure how it’ll be received, and I get that because some of us are so angry that we’re taking it out on people who had nothing to do with anything.

Taking all opinions in consideration that’s been flying around about Black Lives Matter, HBCU, black television networks, etc. I get it, by 2016 we shouldn’t have so much geared toward blacks, but in 2016 black people shouldn’t have to worry about a routine traffic stop turning into a unlabeled homicide either. However, because it is our current situation we need organized groups such as Black Lives Matter and more unified groups that’s looking to add value back into today’s society. Historical black colleges and universities are historical black colleges and universities because at one time that was the only way black people could get a college education – come on guys we all know the story why are we even having to go here? On top of that anyone can attend a HBCU – that’s right anyone can attend a HBCU school. Black Entertainment Television and Centric started so we would have a television network that would be more relatable to our culture and to give our black actors opportunity to grow within their careers. So by dissing these networks are you saying that black actors and actresses are getting the same opportunities as everyone else now?  So you’re saying Jada Pinkett-Smith was boycotting the hell out of the Oscars, for no other reason than to set it off?

As far as the ‘what next’ goes I’m concerned by the lack of action taken by the leaders of this country as well as our individual state leadership. When I say lack of action I’m referring to the fact that black people make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, and 37% of that 13% were unarmed victims murdered by police officers. I’m wondering if I’m being naïve to expect anything. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but my possible delusions still had me hoping for a plan to help the city of Chicago and their rising murder count. Or maybe we’re both being naïve and they believe  this thing will in some way blow over, who knows. However, I do know that the body of this country won’t function properly if the head isn’t right.

Looking at some of the victims below makes me wish a few more of us would’ve took the owner of Starbucks race talk idea a little bot more seriously. If for nothing else, to be educated enough about each other to know how to help each other. My prayer to God is for healing to the families directly affected by actions taken from both sides, and that God walks with our leaders and render them a mouthpiece of reasoning so we can get through this, be safe.

James Carney III_Cincinnati, OH

James Carney III of Cincinnati, OH

Keith McLeod_Reisterstown, MD

Keith McLeod of Reisterstown, MD

India Kager_Virginia Beach, VA

India Kager of Virginia Beach, VA

Lamontez Jones_San Diego, CA

Lamontez Jones of San Diego, CA

Yvens Seide_Big Cypress, FL

Yvens Seide of Big Cypress, FL

Alonzo Smith_Washington D.C.

Alonzo Smith of Washington D.C.

Jeremy Lett_Tallahassee, FL

Jeremy Lett of Tallahassee, FL

Kevin Matthews_Dearborn, MI

Kevin Matthews of Dearborn, MI

Cornelius Brown_Opa-locka, FL

Cornelius Brown of Opa-locka, FL

Ross Anthony_Dallas, TX

Ross Anthony of Dallas, TX

Billy Ray Davis_Houston, TX

Billy Ray Davis of Houston, TX

Zamiel Crawford_McAllah, AL

Zamiel Crawford of McAllah, AL

Miguel Espinal_Yonkers, NY

Miguel Espinal of Yonkers, NY

Bettie Jones_Chicago, IL

Bettie Jones of Chicago, IL

Sandra Bland_Waller County, TX

Sandra Bland of Waller County, TX

Williams Chapman_Portsmouth, VA

Williams Chapman of Portsmouth, VA

Nuwnah Laroche_Ridgefield Park, NJ

Nuwnah Laroche of Ridgefield Park, NJ

Jamar Clark_Minneapolis, MN

Jamar Clark of Minneapolis, MN

Justin Griffin_Jackson, MS

Justin Griffin of Jackson, MS

Jordan Baker_Houson, TX

Jordan Baker of Houson, TX

Jason Moland_Ceres, CA

Jason Moland of Ceres, CA

Christian Taylor_Arlington, TX

Christian Taylor of Arlington, TX

Leroy Browning_Palmdale, CA

Leroy Browning of Palmdale, CA

Roy Nelson_Hayward, CA

Roy Nelson of Hayward, CA

Rumain Brisbon_Phoenix, AZ

Rumain Brisbon of Phoenix, AZ

Michael Sabbie_Texarkana, TX

Michael Sabbie of Texarkana, TX

Freddie Gray_Baltimore, MD

Freddie Gray of Baltimore, MD

Michael Lee Marshall_Denver, CO

Michael Lee Marshall of Denver, CO

Samuel Dubose_Cincinnati, OH

Samuel Dubose of Cincinnati, OH

Darrius Stewart_Memphis, TN

Darrius Stewart of Memphis, TN

Nicholas Thomas_Atlanta, GA

Nicholas Thomas of Atlanta, GA

De'Angelo Stallworth_Jacksonville, FL

De’Angelo Stallworth of Jacksonville, FL

Chandra Weaver_Kansas City, MO

Chandra Weaver of Kansas City, MO

Jonathan Sanders_Stonewall, MS

Jonathan Sanders of Stonewall, MS

Tyree Crawford_Newark, NJ

Tyree Crawford of Newark, NJ

Kris Jackson_Lake Tahoe, CA

Kris Jackson of Lake Tahoe, CA

Victo Larosa_Jacksonville, FL

Victo Laros of _Jacksonville, FL

Brandon Glenn_Los Angeles, CA

Brandon Glenn of Los Angeles, CA

Natasha McKenna_Fairfax, VA

Natasha McKenna of Fairfax, VA

Jerame C. Reid_Bridgeton, NJ

Jerame C. Reid of Bridgeton, NJ

David Felix_New York, NY

David Felix of New York, NY

Terrance Kellom_Detroit, MI

Terrance Kellom of Detroit, MI

Norman Cooper_San Antonio, TX

Norman Cooper of San Antonio, TX

Frank Shephard_Houston, TX

Frank Shephard of Houston, TX

Michael Brown Jr._Ferguson, MO

Michael Brown Jr. of Ferguson, MO



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