Modeling Fabolousity with Alex Lundqvist

bw2Alex Lundqvist known for being the poster child of ‘all things gorgeous’ in the 90s, started his modeling career in 1994 when he met photographer Bruce Weber and Wihelmina agent Sean Patterson. He eventually signed with Wihelmina Models in New York City, but not before Versace quickly grabbed him for a campaign with Helena Christensen.

The rest (one would say) is history; his career snowballed into doing the Lagerfeld campaigns in Europe and the U.S. modeling for the Guess brand. Lundqvist has appeared in several magazines such as GQ, Playgirl, Elle, and Vogue to name a few, and he’s interviewed on MTV’s House of Style with his friend and colleague model Mark Vanderloo.

As fine as Lundqvist is, he’s not just a pretty face.  The guy who was esaid to be parallel to Ethan Hawke and Johnny Depp is also a professional paintball player, playing for the Jersey Authority in the National Paintball Professional League (NPPL). Now I know paintball can be pretty competitive, but I can’t be the only who didn’t know the competition was intense enough to have a professional league, but okay. Accompanying him in this added profession is his brother Maximus Lundqvist of Stockholm Joy Division.

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