C’ Lawd Rihanna!


So by now everyone is aware that Rihanna made her new accessory line name ‘$chool Kills’ official last month.  The media is consistent with stating that she is not setting a proper example for her young followers, and her argument remains that she is no ones role model, nor do she care to be.

So let’s think about we know…

Rihanna is 27 with no responsibilities but herself, so it’s not likely that she understands what it’s like to send little people out into this world (and when I say world, that includes internet and social media) and hope some fool don’t impress them with a shit show that sends them on the wrong path. I’ve had friends compare her to Kanye West saying she’s trying to get attention, but I don’t think that’s fair. Kanye do have bad timing when it comes to saying what’s on his mind, but nothing he’s said or done has ever crossed kids and murder. Rihanna is just severely immature, period. I’m not saying she’ll be like that forever, but currently she just wants to do what she wants to do and she’s not messed up about who likes it and who don’t.

menAnytime you have well over a million followers and people paying hella good money to see you, it’s because you’re the shit and everybody who’s not the shit wants to be just like the one who is. You’re rich and famous, of course no one asked you to play the part of a role model, because it’s expected of you as a celebrity. On the other hand, Rihanna is being followed by millions of people because of who she is. Maybe we need to look at ourselves and our kid’s phones and ask ourselves, is our fuck less than hers?

Me personally I just can’t be with the name. I got little people that I send to school everyday that I expect to come back home to me. It’s hard to think ‘$chool Kills’ is tight or funny when we have life changing events like  Sandy Hooks and Columbine. Sorry RiRi, I got to let you have this one.


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