caitlyn-jennerYou know, as much as I could give two shits about all of this, I’m okay with Bruce Caitlyn wanting to be a woman. I would’ve been okay with him living as a man and dressing up as a woman. I didn’t realize how challenging writing this post was going to be until right now, but here we go.

I feel suffocated with this whole transition like I know him personally, and even though it’s tickling watching Kim Kardashian drove by Bruce Caitlyn feeling himself right now, I still have my head tilted like Bruh. I thought when people made brave pronouncements such as these, it was to feel comfortable in their own skin and to live life equal as everyone else. However, between this, the theatre shootings and people dying interacting with these city cops it appears to be a race to see who can throw the biggest freak show.



I hear some of you, “…but that was so brave and it took so much courage”, and that’s awesome, but for as much publicity as this transition has gotten I’m not sure if Bruce Caitlyn wanted to free the real him or become a Kardashian. It would be nice to see extreme recognition of someone feeding hundreds of hungry Americans for no reason or gas prices go down just because it’s Saturday. Okay I fell off the cliff with that last one, but you know what I’m getting at.

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